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Mikayla Stacey Brown was born on the 11/12/13 at 32 weeks premature. She weighed only 1.2kg and was immediately sent to the neonatal ICU as her lungs was not fully developed. Mikayla spent 6 weeks in hospital and had jaundice, anaemia, a hole in the heart, gastro and was admitted twice into ICU where we were told that she would not make it. But Mikayla was a fighter and was eventually strong enough to be moved to the Kangaroo Mother care where I (her mom) had to spend two weeks with her until she was at a good weight and was discharged. At 6 months she was assessed by an Occupational therapist who then mentioned that because Mikayla has some developmental delays and is not reaching milestones, it is possible that there could be some damage to the brain but only a MRI could confirm. Mikayla was referred to the Neurodevelopmental clinic who sees kids with Special needs. The doctor gave us a referral letter to take Mikayla for a MRI which then confirmed that there was damage to the brain and that she has Cerebral palsy.


Mikayla then started seeing an Occupational Therapist again as well as a Physio and Speech therapist at a Government Hospital as we had no medical aid. I (mother) had to unfortunately leave my job to take care of Mikayla as she only wanted me and she also had to be taken for therapy and doctor's visits regularly. From there we have tried everything we could to try and give Mikayla a good life. Mikayla has been hospitalised a couple of times because of her condition she suffered with Chest problems but the hole in her heart eventually closed on its own. Last year April Mikayla was also diagnosed with Epilepsy after suffering with seizures. Since then she has been put on medication to control it. Because Mikayla is unable to walk, talk, sit on her own, crawl or do anything by herself, she has needed a few equipment to assist her as well as us. We have had to raise funds where we could to be able to afford this equipment as it is costly. Mikayla is currently the second youngest of five kids. She started school in January of this year as she is still young and can be helped and taught by trained individuals who know how to assist her at school. This is a special needs school.


She still receives the necessary therapy and has come along way as we have seen the small progress that she is making and continues to make.. She loves being at school with people that show her love. Its been a tough journey but also a life changing journey for our whole family. With love, patience and therapy we know that Mikayla will get to where God wants her to be..


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